Why We Love Mailchimp (and why we’re so excited to be named an official agency partner!)

Mailchimp, Rainfactory’s long-term email service provider (ESP) recommendation for startups and small businesses, has officially named us an official Agency Partner! Visit Rainfactory’s Partner Page Here.

This partnership means we’ll be able to continue to excel with our best-in-class email and marketing automation services. In addition, we’ll gain access to their extensive partner benefits that help us build increasingly advanced triggered campaigns, automation sequences, and custom, evergreen templates for all of our clients.

As devoted Mailchimp fans, below is a list of a few of our favorite things.

The Top 3 Reasons We Love Mailchimp:

“Mailchimp works so well out of the box that we can build out an entire launch sequence in just a few days—fast enough to match the needs of even our tightest timelines. Their interface is also so intuitive that we can bring entire client teams up to speed quickly. Everything from their drag-and-drop editor to building out custom templates is easy, smooth, and simple to use.”
Kindra W., Email Marketing Manager

“Being able to add custom code to Mailchimp campaigns has been a game changer. It’s crazy how easy it is to add customizations, such as timers or embedded forms. It really has made a big difference in our clients’ conversion rates and overall ROIs.”
Brian P., Copywriter

“The direct chatline for agency partners has been wildly helpful for sorting out account issues, setup challenges, and unusual problems that arise.”
Sam G., Content Marketing Specialist

Need a team of Mailchimp experts to help you get set up the best way? Reach out to our team. Contact us today or send an email to info@rainfactory.com.

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