Trusted Partners.

These are the firms that we have had the pleasure of doing great things with, have gotten to know better, and recommend them based on the hard work they do.

Crowdfunding, Pre-Order, & eCommerce Platforms

We’re what you call “platform agnostic.” Here are a few platforms that we have worked with.


Capital & Financing

When you’re working on your business, the last thing you want to worry about is having the capital to support your explosive growth. These businesses help you fill that gap.



You need to make sure that you’re supported by the best technology in the world. These tools help us and our clients get the job done.


Shipping & Fulfillment

When you’ve collected all your orders, you need help getting them to your customers. These companies are proven to help you scale.

PR Firms

Public Relations is all about who you know and how far you can reach. It’s a science that we’ve worked with to amplify campaigns and take them to the next level.

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Engineering, Industrial Design, Renders

Sometimes your prototype doesn’t look anything like the finished product. These firms help create workable CAD drawings, press-worthy prototypes, and renderings for use in video and other promotional materials.

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Customer Support

Customer support becomes the number one issue when you launch your first product directly to consumers. These are some tools that we’ve recommended to our clients who have seen great success and customer happiness. Be sure to have a committed staff member to address these concerns!


Where do we fit in? We’re your quarterback calling the plays. We run the online customer acquisition. We’re the team that turns on the faucet and pushes customers into this wonderful machine that we’ve built together. We put together the total package, streamlining it to work just like the gears of a clock.