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Rainfactory worked very hard on our Oclean X Pro campaign. They focused on making sure that they drove the highest amount of sales within our margin requirements.

I appreciated their analysis and value their partnership. We would highly recommend them for a US Product Launch in the future.

Mandy Wang,Overseas Sales Division, Shenzhen Yunding Information Technology Co.,Ltd.


Coming from another agency to Rainfactory was night and day. They invested a lot of time to run surveys, AB testing and analyzing our audiences to bring better predictability to our product launch. It worked so well we raised 200% over our original goal.

Haj Khalsa, CEO, HANGTIME Gear


Our founding team had both crowdfunding launch and e-commerce experience, so before our launch, we weren’t sure we needed an additional support. However, we’re very happy we ultimately chose to work with Rainfactory. Their advice, along with their support on social channels, design, media buying, and copywriting was a valuable asset to our launch!

Gareth Everard, Co-Founder & CMO, Keyto

Three qualities stand out. One quality that stands out is their experience, knowledge, and professionalism when it comes to managing crowdfunding campaigns.

A second quality that stands out is their team’s excellent digital marketing skills. We work with a team that provides great insight, creativity, and managed to be a party to significant growth. The third quality is their customer service. They’re willing to listen and be partners. Their partners in our activities and give input. They don’t just tell us what we want to hear but pushback on important factors.

Jonathan Alum, VP of Marketing


They show incredible attention to each project they lead, and they will work hard to ensure your campaign’s success.

From strategy to implementation, they are with you and will guide you through every step of the process. It was a pleasure to work with Rainfactory.

Joanne Dai, Co-Founder of AstroReality

Painfully dedicated to success for products they believe in.

Mike Zapata, CEO, CLIQ Products

They’re a really seasoned group of professionals. They know what they’re doing because they’ve been doing it for a while. They’re wonderful to work with, as they’re good people who care about your success.

Our results were astonishing—we far surpassed our crowdfunding and sales goals. While we were initially shooting for $50,000, we raised $1.5 million dollars. Our original goal was to produce 1000 chairs, but we ended up selling 23,000. They’ve helped us maintain a profitable return on our ad spend so that we can stay in business. They’re consistently hitting the metrics we put in place, ensuring the organic growth that we’ve seen on our social media pages. They’ve exceeded all of our expectations.

Alexis Courson, VP of Marketing, CLIQ Products

Rainfactory was instrumental in helping us develop an effective Indiegogo landing page and building up ad campaigns that ultimately provided a good return on our ad spend.

Gabriel Wyner, CEO & Founder, Fluent Forever

We were blown away by Rainfactory’s depth of knowledge about the crowdfunding industry and their ability to execute on the strategy.

We couldn’t have hit $1M as fast as we did without them. I was particularly impressed with the speed at which they took us from idea to launch. Working together, we set goals and exceed them. I would highly recommend them for any startup looking for a big lift.

Nancy Dussault Smith, CMO, Hydrow CMO



On behalf of everyone here at Fuze Card, I want to thank everyone on the Rainfactory Team for helping us launch a very successful campaign. Your support and advice were invaluable to our campaign and we truly appreciate everything that you have done for us.

You are one of the most hard-working marketing agencies that we’ve worked with and we couldn’t have done it without your team. In the future, I would like to collaborate with Rainfactory once again.

Jaehun Bae, CEO, Fuze Card
Steven Oh, 

Rainfactory isn’t a service provider, but rather a partner. They have integrated into the fabric of our team and helped us build a comprehensive digital approach, allowing our team to focus on what we do best: develop products.

Thank you again for all your hard work throughout this campaign. It’s been an incredible ride and we are only just beginning!

Eli Harris, CEO, EcoFlow Tech CEO

Through partnering with Rainfactory, we indeed understand Rainfactory at a deeper level. I have a lot to share regarding our experience.

To put it in short: with the help from Rainfactory, Clazio successfully raised $310k with 2,222 backers. Within the same product category, smart speakers, no one has ever been able to raise over $100k. Rainfactory’s service is professional and effective. Throughout the process, we were able to receive and gain crowdfunding resources, connections, and additional Indiegogo support. Moving forward, we hope to continue working with Rainfacory for our next crowdfunding campaign to hit the $1 million mark for our next generation product!

Dake Liu, CEO, Clazio Speaker

It’s difficult to describe how important Rainfactory was to our success for our crowdfunding campaign. When we started, we agonized over the need for a company like Rainfactory.

We spent months interviewing other marketing consultants, crowdfunding companies and agencies in general. At the end of the day, we went with Rainfactory because of two reasons: the data-driven approach to everything they do, and the people who work there. The team at Rainfactory worked to make Ping one of the most successful personal GPS campaigns ever. This team constantly goes above and beyond. Their unwavering belief in the product, understanding of the brand, and expertise in crowdfunding made it a truly remarkable experience. I cannot wait to work with them again soon.

Joshua Lippiner, CEO, Clazio Speaker

Rainfactory comes with our highest recommendation. They helped us build our website, and paid meticulous attention to detail for the overall design and branding.

We sold over $400,000 in pre-orders, and successfully introduced a new brand to the world. They have been a great partner from start to finish.

Jasper Yi, Founder, Z Grills


Working with Rainfactory has been an excellent experience. We’re still running our campaign, but have already raised more than $2.7 million dollars – a truly unprecedented amount of funding.

Their professionalism, dedication to our campaign and products, combined with their unique experience in both crowdfunding and beyond, made this process easier than we thought possible!

Summer Su, Marketing Director, crazybaby

The Rainfactory team has always been professional, responsive and engaging. They’ve made sure to prioritize the long-term growth of our company and helped us shape our brand voice through landing pages, campaign copy, ads, social and email marketing.

After finishing out a $1.1 million campaign with Rainfactory, we’re happy to recommend them to other startups looking to bring their products to market.

Simon Tchedikian, EO & Co-Founder, Sevenhugs

Rainfactory has vast experience with crowdfunding campaigns and consumer product launches.

The team was meticulous about research and planning of our launch, and provided innovative ideas throughout our engagement. They were very helpful in planning our multichannel strategy, including web, social media, email, and press.

Neta Dumai, VP of Marketing, CMRA

Rainfactory helpled us hit $1 million dollars in a 60-day crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Their dedication, professionalism and strategic decision-making helped us reach our goals.

We would highly recommend Rainfactory to other tech hardware companies looking for guidance in running a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Ivy Wu, Overseas Marketing Manager, XGIMI

After raising over $3.5 million dollars on Indiegogo with Rainfactory’s help, we can surely proclaim: Rainfactory really does make it rain!

We would highly recommend them to take your crowdfunding campaign to the next level.

Leo Zhang, Head of Overseas Marketing, ONAGOfly


Rainfactory has created the best service to work from strategy all the way to execution. They help with everything: value proposition prep, website and crowdfunding campaign design and execution, plus data-driven lead generation, ensuring you have momentum from the get-go for a successful campaign.

Touchjet worked with Rainfactory on our second crowdfunding campaign for the Touchjet WAVE. In the first 24 hours we reached our goal of $100K and within a very short amount of time (72 hours) we actually had 200 backers, largely due to the lead generation efforts by Rainfactory. Most people underestimate the need for marketing and preparation, but I think those are actually the most critical factors for success. I would highly recommend Rainfactory as a campaign agency for people looking to run crowdfunding campaigns.

Helen Thomas, CEO, Touchjet

Rainfactory has performed above and beyond my expectations with unprecedented dedication to driving results.

From market research and positioning, to lead generation and customer acquisition, Rainfactory has played an integral role in running our campaign. With over 22,000 mifolds presold to over 9,000 customers across 89 countries, the results speak for themselves. I can’t recommend them enough.

Jon Sumroy, CEO & Founder, mifold

More than anything else, I was impressed with Rainfactory’s ability to synthesize and plan for each stage of the crowdfunding process (and to walk us through it!).

They went above and beyond for our Kickstarter campaign, helping us pull in nearly $500k and 28,000 social media followers. They went above and beyond for our Kickstarter campaign, helping us pull in nearly $500k and 28,000 social media followers. They come with my heartfelt recommendation.

Yuka Kojima, CEO, FOVE

We felt so lucky to have Rainfactory on our team when we launched Luna (now Eight). We had a really successful campaign and are very happy with the results we achieved with their support.

They were a source of continuous support in many aspects of the campaign, making recommendations and leading the development and paid acquisition team toward success (over $1 million raised!). It was such a joy to have brought in an external resource that felt like a real team member we could trust and rely on to move the campaign forward.

Alexandra Zatarain, Co-Founder, Eight Sleep


Rainfactory is incredibly professional in terms of marketing and analyzing data to ensure quality results.

With their support we were able to raise $610,000 in 60 days on Indiegogo, gain 3,100 supporters and reach 1 million YouTube video views in 60 days! Remarkable results for sure. They are a well-experienced agency that provides a definite sense of security through data-driven action. Their methods made Mars as a client feel confident in the success of the project. I wholeheartedly recommend Rainfactory for any number of their services. Their agile approach facilitates successful campaigns and provides support far beyond what you expect!

Summer Su, Marketing Director, crazybaby

I’ve recommended Rainfactory many times since our successful Jibo launch campaign came to a close. If I were bringing another new product to the world, I would not hesitate to work with Rainfactory for 3 simple reasons:

They live/eat/breathe the campaign They innovate and brainstorm with the team to bring real value through insight and experience They are fiercely dedicated to achieving target results The whole team is ‘in it to win it’ for every client.

Cynthia Breazeal, Co-Founder, Jibo

The first word I would use to describe Rainfactory is ‘outstanding.’ Their sense of client service and dedication to achieving results sets them apart as one of the most effective client management and marketing partners with whom I’ve worked with over my last 25 years in high tech.

With their help, Jibo was the #1 Most Funded tech campaign on Indiegogo; we were able to generate $4m in orders across 2 crowdsource campaigns. Simply put, ‘outstanding’.

Steven Chambers, CEO, Jibo



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