Ad Spend Is Crucial for Social Media Audience Growth

Ad Spend Is Crucial for Startup Social Media Growth

Advertising has evolved throughout the years and at present times online advertising is the most affordable and effective method. If you’re a start-up, this is definitely something worth setting aside a budget for, to grow your social media audience.

Social Media Strategies for Startups

Social Media Strategies for Startups

We hear all the time that by just posting content on social platforms that the audience will grow naturally. While larger brands can afford organic growth, it is a big misconception for startups. The truth is, content alone will not grow your social profiles. You need to have advertising running in order for them to grow.

Facebook Messenger Bot

5 Ways to Leverage a Facebook Bot for Lead Generation

Our Co-Founder, Kaitlyn Witman, had the chance to share her thoughts on Facebook Messenger bots with In this article, Kaitlyn had 5 key points on why you should look into using this up and coming tool to your advantage.

Facebook Holiday 2020

Facebook’s Holiday 2020 Insights: 12 Key Points Summary

As a multiple-awarded Facebook Preferred Partner Agency, we’re excited to have access to Facebook’s detailed insights. In this article, we summarize 12 key points you should know about the upcoming Holiday 2020 season for online marketing.