How to Respond to Facebook & Instagram Comments Asking About Price

What’s the big deal with telling customers the price?
Divulging price publicly on social ads is a surprisingly controversial topic. Though it’s always of interest for businesses to provide clear resources to their customers, it’s also important to trust the customer journey you’ve built.

Answering public inquiries provides a resource for others with the same question, but can limit the need to click on your ad, depriving prospects of the experience designed to help sell your product. After dedicating time and resources to optimizing your landing pages to maximize conversions, you’ll want to ensure they’re being utilized.

Based on Rainfactory data, on average 45% of Facebook & Instagram users will read the comments section of an ad before clicking. Respond to build intrigue & encourage them to visit your site.

Additionally, piquing a user’s interest and getting them to interact with your ad will capture them for remarketing, helping you stay top of mind even if they don’t convert on first touch.

So should you answer pricing questions publicly?
Now that we better understand the perception of public comments, here are a few ways you can go about responding to your customers without compromising your customer journey.

If you’ve implemented a pricing embargo during a lead generation campaign and are leveraging a discount exclusive to your waitlist, we recommend highlighting the future discount they’ll receive in lieu of pricing information when asked publicly.

Lead Generation Campaign Example:
“Thanks for reaching out! We haven’t released pricing just yet, but aim to do so soon. You can secure a discount of up to XX% off by joining our waitlist, which will keep you in the loop on all of our developments.”

If you’re a full ecommerce site with a developed product catalogue, it’s best practice to present any active discounts over sharing the price. Share a link to the product page and let your prospect know you’re happy to answer any questions they might have. While some savvy consumers might see this as gimmicky, this strategy allows you to avoid revealing the product price before its value is established by your site.

Pre-Order Example:
“You’re in luck, we’re currently offering a pre-order option that will give you XX% off. You can check out more details on this product here, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!
[link to product page]”

Our team of social media experts build exceptional customer interactions into every product launch. If you’re ready to grow your online community, get in touch with Rainfactory.

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