Rainfactory Ranked Top Indiegogo Crowdfunding Experts

If you’re thinking of launching a crowdfunding campaign, it is important to look into working with experts in this field. Rainfactory deploys a crawl-walk-run approach to scaling your campaign while optimizing the entire funnel. Since we opened our doors in 2014, Rainfactory was able to help 31+ product launches raise over $1 Million. We are known to be Indiegogo Crowdfunding Experts and our results speak for themselves:

  • Rainfactory is proud to run 5 of the top 16 most-funded crowdfunding campaigns in Indiegogo history. 
  • CLIQ Chair: $1,529,000 raised in 60 days and 9,805 supporters on Indiegogo
  • Lumen: $2,353,717 raised in 60 days and 9,840 supporters on Indiegogo
  • Atari VCS: $3,000,289 raised in 60 days and 11,597 supporters on Indiegogo
  • Segway Robotics Loomo: $1,298,843 raised in 60 days and 1,314 supporters on Indiegogo
  • and many more.

We are proud to be hailed as Indiegogo Crowdfunding Experts and we look forward to continuing our mission of helping entrepreneurs scale their business through creating effective strategies. 

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