Time Magazine Honors Hydrow for Best Inventions 2020

We are so proud of Hydrow for being honored as one of TIME Magazine’s Best Innovations of 2020. We collaborated with Hydrow to run a tremendously successful Indiegogo campaign in 2019 that was fully funded in 4 minutes and presold $1,033,473 in Hydrow rowing machines around the US. We weren’t surprised that this campaign gained the support of more than 1,030 backers, as this machine brings the soul-enriching exercise of rowing outdoors into your home.

Hydrow brings the experience of a live group fitness class led by world class athletes streaming live from the water. This fitness innovation uses a unique Live Outdoor Reality™ program that motivates you through challenging and fun workouts. Rowing as you can burn up to 400 calories in a 20-minute workout while engaging 86% of the body’s muscles (compared to 44% from biking or running). These benefits are not only physical but mental as well, as calm fluidity of repetitive strokes help increase focus and eliminate stressful thoughts. Rowing is an amazing workout if you’re prioritizing your longevity as this is classified as a low impact exercise.

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