Facebook’s Holiday 2020 Insights: 12 Key Points Summary

As a multiple-awarded Facebook Preferred Partner Agency, we’re excited to have access to Facebook’s Holiday 2020 insights. In this article, we summarize 12 key points you should know about the upcoming Holiday 2020 season for online marketing. 

  1. People are turning to e-commerce to purchase products conveniently instead of going to physical stores.
  2. Gen Z and Millenials are the main market for e-commerce 
  3. For older shoppers, introduce Shopping via Messenger to mimic the experience of going in store and being assisted by a staff member.
  4. AR technology is getting popular. This technology could be used for consumers to experience the “try before your buy” aspect. 
  5. Reduce friction in the buying process — make sure your website is easy to navigate and only has the information each shopper needs.
  6. Embrace holiday promotions and seasonality — customers look forward to the little things to celebrate.
  7. “Self-gifting” is a trend this season that makes consumers feel better through “e-tail therapy”
  8. Open to new experiences — Consumers are now more open to trying new products and services. 
  9. Embrace being international — check Facebook insights to view which locations you would probably do well in and reenforce the logistics strategy in that area 
  10. Dynamic ads for broad audiences allow you to reach people who have expressed an interest in your products (or products similar to yours)
  11. Decreased spending power – Consumers are waiting for sales and promotions to stretch their budgets.
  12. Homemade advertisements — people crave content they can relate with, so adjust your ads to be more homegrown.

Read more about Facebook’s insights here.

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