Introducing Rainfactory Capital – Get Funding Without Giving Up Equity

We’re proud to announce the launch of Rainfactory Capital, a new program to help provide growth capital for your business. This is the latest in a series of initiatives to fully support startups and growth stage eCommerce businesses.

When people think of getting funding, more often than not they will be intimidated or shy away from growth because of the risk of diluting ownership, high interest rates, pushy investors, and more.

What makes our network of capital providers different is that we want business owners to avoid diluting their ownership. It’s simple: No interest rates, penalties, or personal guarantees. You call the shots with our program (just like you should as you run your company), you can choose between Flex Payments or Revenue Share when paying back.

We hate the waiting game and that is why we expedite this process for those who are interested. You get your offer in as little as 48 hours and the funding ranges from $5k – $1M.

You won’t come into this blind as we have dedicated funding advisors who will analyze your ad spend and sales history to match you with lenders for offers. You will have access to a network of 55+ capital partners with Rainfactory Capital.

Once you launch an application with us we will follow up with you within 48 hours to present your options. One of our experts will break down the various capital products suitable for your needs. We then get to work and pitch your idea to our exclusive capital partners.

Once we have reviewed the offers we will touch base with you to present these and give you our expert advice on which will be best to pursue based on your needs and goals.

Get started today by heading to our Capital page!

Photo by Daniel Öberg

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