Ad Spend Is Crucial for Startup Social Media Growth

Advertising has evolved throughout the years and at present times online advertising is the most affordable and effective method. If you’re a start-up, this is definitely something worth setting aside a budget for, to grow your social media audience. 

The great thing about online advertising is that you have the ability to narrow down the audience that your ads get served to, this cuts costs and ensures quality leads that have a higher potential to convert. With that being said, this has the potential to affect the growth of your social media audience as if this is utilized properly it will grab the attention of those interested in your line of business.

    • How does Ad Spend contribute to your social media audience growth?
      • Facebook and subsequently, Instagram has dramatically limited the organic reach of social business profiles, thus pressuring businesses to enable ads as the only reliable way to increase their reach—a key metric for social growth. 
    • Do you need a big budget to grow your audience?
      • The great thing about online advertising is that you can narrow down the audience your ads get served to. This cuts costs and, more importantly, ensures quality leads with a higher potential to convert. Additionally, primed audiences are more likely to become advocates, showing their support by following your brand through your various channels.
    • What metrics should you look out for in growing your audience?
      • ‘Reach’ is vital for growing your audience, as this ensures more people are introduced to your brand. ‘Engagement’ is critical as this has proven to be the defining metric the algorithms use to prioritize the delivery of content. 
      • If you’re starting out with Facebook Ads, the dashboard may be overwhelming but you can start by looking into these 5 key metrics to measure effectiveness: Reach, Conversion Rate, Cost per Click (CPC), Click through Rate (CTR), and Cost per action.
    • Does Ad Spend increase the chances of gaining an organic audience as well?
      • Absolutely, with the changes implemented to reduce organic reach across business profiles, ad spend is essential for growth. Equally important is producing consistent and engaging content to maximize the conversion of audiences introduced through ads. 
    • Advice for start-ups.
      • Ensuring you align your brand identity early, with a consistent voice and authoritative presence helps build consumer confidence. When it comes to community management, responding in the form of a question is a crucial way to build engagement on your ads. Don’t forget to check out our ‘how to respond to pricing questions‘.
    • Do you need a big budget for online advertising to be effective?
    • Will online advertising affect the growth of organic audiences?
      • Once your brand is established after your consistent online advertising campaigns, this may affect the growth of your organic audience. Your efforts will create a ripple effect in terms of referrals, reviews, recommendations, and etc.

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