Did Social Media Ads Effectively Kill Search Ads? Surprisingly, No.

There’s a huge difference between social ads and search ads. Social ads are the discover & interrupt type of ads the ones you see on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social platforms. The audience there is a cold audience, while search ads is more of a warm audience.  This audience is already searching for what they want. What we see in the future for search ads is the adoption of voice search. Here are some insightful tips for paid search ads.

Another important distinction between social and search is their respective audience and their overall intent. Would you rather capture the attention of casual users on a social platform or users that are actively looking for your type of product or service? They’re similar in some cases, but not a true apples-to-apples comparison, to the point where you can fully replace one with the other. Spruce up your profiles with a team of Social Media Marketing Experts.

Search ads are far from being dead. Instead, you should adopt a multi-channel pitch-and-catch strategy with your advertising. Search ads are there to catch all of the interest generated from social ads. Search ads can sit lower in the funnel, and closer to the intent of your customers. Social ads also enhance search ads as well: you can set up remarketing campaigns to grab back folks who were clicking on search ads. 

There’s much more to go over, and it’s important to have it all handled with one do-it-all agency. Looking to optimize your advertising funnel? Consult today with a Paid Search Expert.

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