5 Ways to Leverage a Facebook Bot for Lead Generation

Jan 29, 2021 | Social Media

Our Co-Founder, Kaitlyn Witman, had the chance to share her thoughts on Facebook Messenger bots with business.com. In this article, Kaitlyn had 5 key points on why you should look into utilizing this up and coming tool to your advantage. You can read the full article at business.com. Here’s our summary of her insights:

  1. The power of Messaging applications. A smartphone is a modern day essential and what would a smartphone be without it’s applications. Messaging applications are more often than not installed on an individual’s smartphone, if you hop on this platform imagine the reach you can gain. It is also noted that Facebook is looking into merging with WhatsApp and Instagram, which will allow users to seamlessly connect among these platforms. A chatbot is mainly looked at as a tool for customer service, but companies are starting to understand the power of this in terms of marketing. This platforms provides an avenue for brands to start meaningful conversations with consumers.
  2. Benefits of a chatbot. Since this is a fresh tool, companies can easily create a distinction through creatively designing the automation flow. Depending on how you set this up, it can mimic the experience of human interaction which can lead to a more efficient system and lowering overall operational costs. Similar to email marketing, this platform can develop the same effectiveness in terms of nurturing those in your community.
  3. Mistakes to look out for. This platform should not be your only outlet for consumer engagement, diversity is still key for better reach. You would also want to ensure your chatbot is robust and interactive instead of pushy or boring. Give your bot a personality and really look into the user experience when building out the automation flow. Understand your main market is in this platform and tailor-fit the responses to their needs.
  4. Rainfactory chatbot experience. Rainfactory recently tested the effectiveness of this platform through allowing website visitors to opt-in via Messenger in addition to those already in place, this experiment showed that these prospects that opted-in through two or more platforms were valuable leads. They were receiving communication on their favorite channels and this increased the receptiveness of the audience. Always seek constant improvement and check if your automation flow is efficient, if you don’t monitor the engagement on this platform then you will not be able to tailor this for success. It does not end of the sequence of responses as engagement and trends will continue to evolve.
  5. Getting started. If you’re ready to start exploring this tool, then start by finding a reliable and efficient chatbot builder such as MobileMonkey. Once a basic system is up ensure that there is still someone in your team that is online to answer specific questions that isn’t in the scope of the system. A strong customer support plan will definitely strengthen your brand reputation. Keep the verbiage simple to that users will not be overwhelmed by the experience, you want them to be on the platform as long as possible to create a meaningful connection.

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