This Online Facebook Video Marketing Guide Will Transform The Way You Run Ads

If you’re tired of having a gazillion browser tabs open while you search for the best advice to create compelling video ads for Facebook, there’s now a trusty solution that will surely become a staple in your bookmarks bar.

Video experts Biteable have delicately crafted a Facebook Video Marketing Handbook  — an online repository covering everything from optimal video marketing specs to adding tracking pixels and choosing the right campaign.

If you’ve never heard of Biteable before, you should definitely check out their online templates. They offer studio-quality animations, so you can whip up a compelling Facebook video ad in your lunch break.

Data to help guide your Facebook marketing

Biteable realized that many people were spending money incorrectly on Facebook, either choosing video ads with the wrong objective or not fully understanding which ad format would maximize ROI.

So they decided to run a series of experiments, rolling up their sleeves and spending their hard-earned cash testing how various video ad campaigns performed.

They looked at and found a winner for the following scenarios.

Experiment write-ups contain not only theory and results, but also offer clear actionable points to help improve your campaigns.

Expert advice for more effective campaigns

The 187-page handbook is authored by three of Biteable’s in-house social media scientists and contains expert advice from collaborators like Dennis Yu, Neil Schaffer, and 10 other leading experts. Short of following all their individual blogs, this handbook is the easiest way to find out how experts build compelling Facebook campaigns.

The great thing about this guide is that there’s no filler or fluff. Every sentence is designed to add value and become a practical action step to drive results for your next campaign.

We love the little nuggets of wisdom interspersed in the handbook, such as 

“Once you’ve narrowed down interests, behavior, and demographic, and have a really dialed-down audience, you can then retarget them again and again when you know what they’re likely to respond to. There’s no need to constantly rebuild your audience from the ground up”.

After sifting through the Facebook Video Marketing Handbook, we immediately saved it to our favorites — there are over 185 pages of helpful advice

Could this be the most extensive handbook on the subject ever written in the history of the internet? Quite possibly. Because of its meatiness, we recommend tackling it in several sessions.

The Facebook Video Marketing Handbook is also 100% live and online, so you can breathe a sigh of relief as you know it’ll never go out of date, unlike other web sources.

Video Marketing on Facebook doesn’t have to be daunting. Biteable’s trusty handbook is pretty much all you need to master video ad campaigns. You can even subscribe to hear when the latest experiments and updates drop, so you won’t miss a trick.

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Photo Courtesy of Biteable

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