Chrome Extensions and Apps That Help Our Business Run

There’s probably an app for that! The internet makes piecing together an efficient workflow possible, no matter your style. At Rainfactory, we’ve found many tools to help us do what we do. We’re happy to share the list below of apps and resources that can help to run your company as efficiently as possible. Without further ado…

Harvest Time Tracker and Extension

Keep track of your time on a per-project, per-client basis.

Tag Assistant by Google

If you’re implementing Google Ads or Analytics with any kind of regularity, you’re going to want this extension to check your work.

Block Yourself from Analytics

Stop false stats on your own and own clients’ pages with this helpful extension.

Page Analytics by Google

Use this (depreciated) extension to see how people are interacting with your web pages.

Google Analytics Debugger

Use this to debug your analytics javascript.

Facebook Pixel Helper

Troubleshoot the all-important Facebook Pixel.

The Great Suspender

Some people might mock you for having 50 or 100 tabs open in Chrome. We call it multi-tasking. The Great Suspender helps reduce Chrome’s memory footprint.

BuiltWith Technology Profiler

Some website just got it goin’ on. Find out how they are doing it with the BuiltWith Chrome extension.

LastPass Vault

If you work in an organization that shares passwords, accounts, and software, do yourself a favor and get a password manager.  

Google Data Studio PDF Export

For some reason, PDF export was not in the initial release of Google Data Studio. No worries, the internet always comes through.

Zoom Conference

We love Zoom; we also love this extension which adds integration to Google Calendar and the web.


We’re not all perfect. But Grammarly spellchecks us so that we can fake being perfect.

Have any tips, suggest an app or interested in talking shop? You can get at us here.

Photo by Lachlan Donald on Unsplash

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