Rainfactory Partners with Klaviyo to Help Small Businesses and Startups Scale

In order to bring our clients the best in email marketing and automation, we’ve become a Master Agency within Klaviyo’s new Partner Program. Given our vast experience in setup, support, and campaign development, this program expands on our tools in supporting your growth and success in marketing and email automation. 

We started recommending Klaviyo to partners and clients earlier this year, based on its ease of use and deep features. Direct from Rainfactory experts, here’s what we’ve been loving about Klaviyo:

“I love their native Shopify integration. It’s empowered us to quickly and easily migrate our clients after Mailchimp removed their native Shopify app integration.” – Jordan G., Marketing Manager

“Their chat support is best-in-class. One of my least favorite things about dealing with other platforms, like MailChimp and Hubspot, is their lack of quick, on-demand support. Klaviyo has really knocked it out of the park on that front.” – Sam G., Content Marketing Specialist

“Klaviyo’s user interface editor has unique features to help us modernize our emails and bring our ideas to life, quickly and easily, without losing valuable time hand-coding each text block.” – Kindra W., Email Specialist

Click here to get started with Klaviyo’s automated email marketing. If you’re looking for a partner to help elevate your marketing every step of the way, contact us today

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