Steps to Getting Your Product Featured on Kickstarter

Getting your project featured as one of the “Projects We Love” on Kickstarter could be the difference between a runaway success and no success at all. When you are launching a new project, or a whole new company, gaining access to eyeballs is likely your #1 barrier as far as actually selling the product you want to create.

Along with an innovative idea, a creative campaign presentation is one of the top qualities that Kickstarter looks for. They want to feature campaigns that are not only a good example of their platform, but serve as a good example for other campaigns to model themselves after. It’s a self-regulating system of quality that helps everyone in the Kickstarter ecosystem.

Rainfactory is now in its fifth year having run dozens of Kickstarter campaigns, totaling more than $3,730,000+ raised as of 2019.  While getting featured is completely up to Kickstarter and cannot be guaranteed, we have developed a process and have the skills to help you set yourself up for success.

STEP 1 – CONFIRM LAUNCH DATE AND TIMELINE (8 weeks prior to launch)
The very first step is for your team to confirm the launch date for your project and to create a timeline for developing your story and outreach efforts. This mainly includes your marketing plan and your video as well as additional photography. Once you’ve put together this schedule, we can identify the appropriate dates for two project reviews with the Kickstarter team.

STEP 2 – FIRST KICKSTARTER REVIEW (6 weeks prior to launch)
The first review usually happens once you have developed a solid outline for your project page and have put together initial image assets. During this review, Kickstarter will provide your team with feedback on the flow of your story, along with initial comments on visual language. Ideally,
this review should happen around 6-weeks prior to launch.

STEP 3 – SECOND KICKSTARTER REVIEW (3-4 weeks prior to launch)
The second review can only take place once you have put together a solid draft of your project page. This draft should feature close-to-final copy and image assets, along with a decent rough-cut of the video. During this review, Kickstarter will provide more specific, detailed feedback. Ideally,
this review should happen 3-to-4 weeks before launch.

STEP 4 – SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL (1-2 weeks prior to launch)
After the second review review, you should have a very clear vision and a very clear set of goals on what you need to accomplish before launch day. You should finish your page, finalize the video, set up your rewards, and plan for your outreach. The sooner you can work on this between Rainfactory and Kickstarter, the higher chances you have at receiving a “Projects We Love” badge

Remember that Kickstarter is only able to feature projects that can serve as a good example to other creators. With that in mind, the review rounds mentioned above are really important to secure a staff pick for your project. To help give you a sense of what we will be looking for, here is a link to a blog post from Kickstarter about
Getting Your Project Featured on Kickstarter.

Do also keep in mind that since you are probably creating a project that involves manufacturing and distributing a physical product, it is important that you take into account the prototype requirements and prohibition on realistic renderings. There are many common pitfalls that can be avoided by having Rainfactory manage your campaign.

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