The 2019 Topics & Trends Report from Facebook IQ

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The 2019 Topics & Trends Report from Facebook IQ is Facebook’s report on topics they estimate are on the cusp of popularity based on how they trended previously, as well as on the current market conditions. They collate data from two monthly features they run, “Topics to Watch” and “Hot Topics” and analyze them for patterns indicative of those topics in the past that have shown long term growth. In order to check their work, they have cross-checked their data and outcomes with those from third-party research firms and other media sources.

While we will sum up the report based on topic below, there are a few key pieces that marketers can take and put adjacent to their toolbox for consideration when writing broad plans or more specific copy.

  1. Green, natural, and sustainability all continue to be an important trend on the rise, especially for millennials.
  2. Remixing, infusion, and fusion (such as for food) are becoming ways to find one’s personal identity. Don’t be afraid to reach out to additional locales, verticals, categories, etc, to find resonant topics that may not exactly seem related at first glance.
  3. Personal values and customized, personal styles are more popular than ever. Linking with consideration #1, people are more inclined to sacrifice style over values, rather than the other way around.
  4. There is nothing more personal than the health of one’s body, and if your product can speak to this, you may find great success.

You’ll see these points weaved throughout the specifics below. However, it is well worth the effort to scan the list below to get a feel for what consumers may be wanting and/or talking about in the near future. You can read the report for yourself here. 

Summation by Section, The 2019 Topics & Trends Report from Facebook IQ:

Beauty and Fashion—conversations are likely to center around:

  • Individualized, bold styles with personal values attached (such as eco-friendly, sustainability, etc)
  • New items—such as ingredients or products from different cultures—are kosher, especially if they lead to an exciting, personal find
  • Shortcuts and tutorials are still very much in vogue

Commerce—conversations are likely to center around:

  • As global warming heats up, eco-friendly is increasingly fashionable; people are looking for big-business to change their ways to reflect the needs of customers
  • Influencer marketing; people want to know they belong, whether on the top or the bottom of the sales funnel

Entertainment—conversations are likely to center around:

  • New, innovative ways for creators to deliver and sell their content—don’t be surprised if big changes come to your smart speakers or streaming platforms
  • Social concerns being turned inward; being showcased in horror films that speak to contemporary social-commentary
  • Audio quality; with audio devices entering our homes en masse, you’ll see a need for the hardware to improve along with the software
  • Interactive entertainment, which is a bigger business than ever before. From Twitch, to videogames themselves, mixed-media art, and even ASMR videos…expect to continue seeing multimedia experiments and popular memes blast your feeds.

Food and Drink—conversations are likely to center around:

  • Marrying the delicious with the healthy; people will continue to explore content out of their norms in order to find that which makes them whole
  • Fusion cooking
  • Cooking, and cooking gadgets. Who doesn’t know someone that has an Instant Pot?
  • Comfort foods, especially those that are easy to make
  • New techniques to increase the health-benefit of the products we already love (such as bread). This won’t only be just in conversation, but in business as well.

Mind and Body—conversations are likely to center around:

  • Expanding wellness, with people looking for new trends, techniques, routines and experiences to help calm a complicated world—mentally and physically.
  • So-called “hero” foods: functional food, probiotics and superfoods
  • Productivity hacks, routines, software, hardware and even avoidance for the sake of increased productivity down the road

Science and Technology—conversations are likely to center around:

  • Experiences; people would rather do than just consume. Companies are looking to marry the two, with increased focus on AR, VR, videogames, and other engaging, dare we say tactile, science and tech.
  • Not just consumption, but creation—people are becoming increasingly interested in how their favorite experiences are made
  • Screens, screens, screens! Not just in your hand or in your living room, but expect screens to keep popping up anywhere you’ll spend any amount of time. Think smart devices, such as refrigerators, microwaves, as well as mirrors and workout equipment. Getting your attention—and eyeballs—is big business!
  • Space, space exploration, and the topics and companies surrounding this ecosystem

Travel and Leisure—conversations are likely to center around:

  • “The great outdoors”—from hiking to surfing, mountains to beach, people are looking to explore and change up the day to day by heading out of their usual spaces.
  • Commercial interest in your travel experiences: zip lines, skydiving, meaty trails, guided tours, etc.
  • California: for both the political climate and the actual climate

Don’t be afraid to expand the horizons of your marketing messaging, just do so with informed purpose. While there are contexts in which playing it safe is important, it is also possible to A/B test and shoot for the stars with new, contemporary content. Data is your friend!

If you want help with developing the messaging for your product or service, contact Rainfactory here. We can’t wait to meet you! 

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