LynQ People Tracker Raises $1.7 Million, Honored Best Invention By Time Magazine

We find that once people understand exactly what LynQ is, they really want it. But with such unique product features and use cases, it can be a challenge to explain to new audiences. 

Our struggle then was deciding when to present LynQ in a way that would make its value immediately clear. Our custom created video proved effective, and Rainfactory attracted $1.7 million in backing for LynQ’s Indiegogo campaign. The resulting sales momentum was then directed to cultivating a continual stream of revenue through the client website.

LynQ is a tiny, keychain-ready tracker that combines GPS and long-range radio frequencies to guide parties unintentionally separated, back together. Time Magazine sums the idea behind LynQ up best, introducing it as “A Compass That Points to Family and Friends” in their annual Best Inventions list for 2018. Free from dependence on a smartphone or even a network connection, LynQ simply displays the distance of your lost person from up to three miles away. Second, LynQ indicates the relative direction of the lost person’s location. With real-time tracking for up to twelve people, no monthly fees, a three-day battery, and a minimalist interface, we knew it would be perfect for families with young children. 

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