CLIQ Bottle-Sized Ultra-Portable Chair is Here: How $1.7M From 1500 Pioneers Made It Happen

What do fireworks shows, kids’ soccer games, campfires, picnics, and outdoor movies all have in common? Like many, your mind might jump immediately to the thought of lugging around camping chairs. The kind that fold for portability, but always seem to open back up if not held just right. One chair feels light at first, but chances are you’ll be carrying more; they’ll quickly pose a burden, and the trip from the car always ends up longer than expected. 

You’ll bruise your shin more than once. Not fun. 

Enter Cliq. Despite weighing in at just 3.65 lbs, Cliq Chair has the integrity to support up to 300 lbs. When collapsed, its form factor is best compared to that of a water bottle—compact and cylindrical, with no one dimension left awkwardly disproportionate. Reinforcing the convenience afforded by this breakthrough design, Cliq has also designed tote-style bags to carry up to six chairs at once. 

Cliq’s Indiegogo campaign launched in the summer of 2018, and saw over 9 thousand backers eager to throw their money at the chance of one day owning one. With $1.7 million raised, Cliq—at the time branded GoChair—was made a reality. 

At Rainfactory, we knew there were so many people out there who would love the product as much as we do, and the money ultimately raised speaks to our intuition. Backers collectively paid seven figures just to make Cliq a thing. There was no guarantee that they’d ever see that money again, nor was there a guarantee that they’d ever be shipped chairs.

For 9 thousand people, backing GoChair was worth it. And because we at Rainfactory knew these people were out there and we knew how to find them, Cliq can now free people everywhere (including us!) from the frustratingly unnecessary burden that is securing a place to sit.

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