BackerKit: Your Smartest Move after Crowdfunding


A robust tool designed for crowdfunding creators, Backerkit makes it easier than ever to manage your crowdfunding campaign—during and after.

Don’t be overwhelmed with backer support duties, BackerKit has the team and the tools to help. In addition to its many great features, it does two great things to move campaign support tasks off of your plate. It gives backers self-service options to manage their own orders through customized surveys and updates. And, if there should be any issues that a customer can’t fix on her own, it also offers real frontline support so you won’t have to.

In addition to giving you more bandwidth, BackerKit gives you a backend system to help you scale your operations quickly. When you’re ready to ship, you’ll have all the information you need. Backer surveys handle custom reward packages and automatically generate SKUs ready for processing.

BackerKit clearly had the campaign’s success in mind when designing its features. Upgrading pledge levels, collecting missing information, or recovering failed payments is all very easy. Once the smoke has cleared, you’re able to activate a powerful pre-order store from the moment your campaign is over.

Once you have your crowdfunding page launched, BackerKit is extremely easy to get going:


  1. BEFORE: Make sure that you’ve finished opening all of the pledge levels of your campaign. It’s incredibly difficult to port everything over if you’re still unlocking stretch goals, offering new add-ons, etc.
  2. Click “Sign up”; Backerkit will walk you through importing your project data (backers, etc). You’ll enter your project campaign login credentials.
  3. Set project details to engage your backers, including your customized backerkit URL as well as twitter and Facebook URL.
  4. Connect your Stripe account. Stripe and Paypal integration gives a secure and easy way to accept payments for any funds raised on BackerKit.
  5. Estimate key dates for your project so that BackerKit can create a timeline to keep everything in line.
  6. Finally, select your shipping plan: do it yourself, use BackerKit Postage, or use a third party shipping partner.
  7. Dive in and BackerKit gets to work!

From here, BackerKit gives you access to its full dashboard. It breaks down the rest of the most needed features into various steps, Connect, Build, Review, Send, and Tools. There really are too many helpful features to be confined to one short blogpost, but we recommend you dive in, check it out and simplify many parts of your campaign!


  1. Keep your backers happy and satisfied, especially for your first impressions.
  2. Provide an easy place for your backers to update their address.
  3. Communicate regularly with your community, providing extra value.
  4. Get front line support taken care of so your backers can get the help they deserve.
  5. Send surveys that are actually helpful to you and your backers. They can help create and manage SKUs, let backers pick customized rewards, and even upsell. Once complete, the survey even makes it super easy for backers to send a shoutout on Twitter or Facebook that they backed something cool.


  • Collect Post-Campaign pre-orders
  • Upsell more products and add-ons to existing backers
  • Receive daily or weekly reports about your project
  • Get granular backer data

THE COST (as of January 1, 2018):

BackerKit isn’t free, but it is reasonable (especially with the Rainfactory discount). Prices are below:


  • Set up Fee of $199 (reduced to $0 for Rainfactory clients)
  • 2% of Funds Raised via Campaign Platform
  • 5% of Funds Raised via BackerKit


  • Set up Fee of $199 (reduced to $0 for Rainfactory clients)
  • 3% of Funds Raised via Campaign Platform
  • 0% of Funds Raised via BackerKit

With the ability to handle post-campaign orders and upsell, it is entirely possible that BackerKit will pay for itself (and then some). For many of the complexities of managing a crowdfunding campaign, Backerkit is MORE than worth it. Do keep in mind, though, that Backerkit is a tool, not an agency. They help you manage your needs, but it is up to you to make sure it is set up to do so. Rainfactory is available to set up your Backerkit campaign for a fee. If you’re interested, please contact us to talk more.

Sign up for Backerkit today – for waived sign-up fees, please fill out the Backerkit Contact Form with the phrase “Rainfactory Recommendation” in the subject line.

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