Rainfactory’s CES 2019 Roundup

Last week, we attended CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. We were extremely excited to reconnect with old friends, represent current partners and see first-hand what technology trends will be coming in 2019!
Rainfactory waas on hand for CES 2019.

We’re no stranger to CES, and neither are our clients (see our 2018 CES Roundup here). Below is a list of all the products from our clients at CES 2019 (in alphabetical order):

AfterShokz, the pioneers of bone conduction audio, are continuing to crush it with their open-ear, bone-conduction headphones. In addition to their new line of headphones, they are also gearing up to release their very cool OptiShokz line of 2-in-1 sunglasses + audio. The OptiShokz sunglasses are a CES 2019 Innovation Award Honoree in the Wearable Technologies category.

Astrohaus was at CES with its awesome distraction-free writing tool called the Traveler. We ran their 2018 campaign and helped them raise well over their funding goal.

Lumen, the device that helps people to lose weight, was featured on Indiegogo’s Tree of Millions; which honored companies that raised more than $1 million on Indiegogo’s platform. We helped Lumen sell almost $2 million last year in pre-orders on Indiegogo.

mifold continues their mission to make every car trip a safe car trip with their portable, collapsable suite of boosters. They were included as part of Indiegogo’s Tree of Millions after raising over $2.5 million in 2015.

PAKT made more than a few fans in 2018 with its bag that combined the portability of a duffle with the organization of a suitcase. People loved the groundbreaking hybrid design and the love was represented at Indiegogo’s large booth.

Pulsewear has been making waves with its DreamOn sleep band. This wearable band utilizes low-frequency pulses to gently activate your body’s natural sleep processes to help you to not only fall asleep faster, but sleep better.

Q-Branch is here to simplify home cyber-security. The Q-Branch Vektor is a home cyber-security and network control device that guards your smart home devices, blocks ads, and protects privacy with real-time, AI-powered defense.
Q-Branch Vektor

In 2018, Segway launched their really cool personal robotic vehicle called Loomo. This year, they have continued to push their robotic mobility technology forward with their new Loomo Delivery robot. It’s as cool as it sounds!

SmartDIY brought a very strong finish for their Indiegogo campaign to the CES show floor. They were live on Thursday showing off Etcher Laser doing its thing. You can check that out on their FB page here.

Sonic Soak was also featured at the Indiegogo booth. Their ultrasonic cleaning tool that can clean anything raised almost $3 million in the last part of 2017.

The Syfer team was on hand to demonstrate their really cool device that gives users complete network protection in just 15 seconds. Simply plug it in, get protection, and surf or play online with absolutely zero worry.  

uHoo was on the showroom floor showing of its advanced indoor air quality sensor. If you are any kind of interested in what you breathe in, you have to try this cool device/app combo.

URGONight is a 2019 CES Innovation Award Honoree in the Wearable technologies category. URGONight’s training regimen naturally encourages the production of sleep promoting brainwaves through its wearable head devicethat you don’t need to wear while you sleepand accompanying smartphone app.

URGONight at CES.

Wayzn, the technology that converts your existing sliding glass door into an automatic, app-controlled pet door with added security was on the floor representing their campaign. They are doing very well, at almost $180k as of this writing! Go, Wayzn, go!

We also can’t forget to mention Indiegogo, a frequent (and amazing) partner of ours. They had a FANTASTIC booth this year that served as a love letter to some of their most successful campaigns from the past. Their very cool Tree of Millions display towered over all of the technophiles and crowdfunding fans visiting the Eureka Park startup arena. We can’t wait to see what types of cool products hit the platform this year!
Indiegogo Booth at CES

Our crowdfunding campaigns brought just a few of the amazing products on hand at CES 2019. If you’re looking to get your product out in the world in time for next CES, contact us and let’s get started!

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