Zoom is Here to Make Your Conferencing Tool Obsolete

Here at Rainfactory, we have gone through more than our fair share of software platforms. When you are a startup spread all over the world from San Francisco to Barcelona, you have unique needs for collaboration, CRM, sales, time tracking, accounting, you name it. It is incalculably valuable when we find a new tool that improves our digital livelihood across borders. We recently decided to make the switch for one of our most important tools—virtual meeting software

Not only do we need to meet internally several times per week, but also with our client partners at least as often. Like us, they too are based all over the world. That makes seamless conferencing extremely important; not just for communication, but for professionalism as well. When we use software that is easy, polished, and just works, it not only makes the software look good, it makes us look good. We found this with Zoom Conferencing.

We can tell you one thing: all the positivity and excitement surrounding Zoom is true. It truly feels like it was designed by people who want to use it. It has a low learning curve with deep features. Zoom understands what agile companies like Rainfactory need, and that we need to do it easily and efficiently with minimal hiccups. 

Here are a few examples of what you can do easily with Zoom:

  • Set recurring meetings and meeting rooms (with a static URL)   
  • Gather information before a meeting (email, phone number, etc)
  • Record your call (great for training)
  • Group / private chat (create breakout groups without having to end the meeting)
  • Annotation and co-annotation (share documents and even screen control)
  • Integrations with Google Calendar, Slack, Zapier, etc. 

Take our word for it: Give Zoom a try for free. The free tier does have some limits, such as a 40-minute meeting duration cap, but we found the trial to be really helpful in showing us just how much of an improvement over our old tool Zoom would be. 

Need more help with your growing business? Contact Rainfactory today to help you grow and scale. We’re here to be your partners in growth.  

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