How Booster Startup mifold Scaled With Rainfactory

mifold is the Grab-and-Go Booster that’s ten times smaller, yet just as safe. And it’s brilliantly innovative. Rather than elevate the child, mifold does the exact opposite, holding the seatbelt down.

For mifold’s Indiegogo campaign in 2016, Rainfactory made it rain to the tune of $2.6 million. We continue now in working to expand global reach and market demand, now faced with the challenge of multiple parties competing for distribution. Some components of our strategy that have been particularly successful include a heavy priority on a brand website maximized for quality, sales support for brick & mortar stores, and the optimization of Amazon sales. A comprehensive advertising approach balanced between Target, Walmart, Amazon, and of course the mifold website has also been healthy for sales.

When Rainfactory was first pitched the mifold concept, we loved it. Custom placement of belt restraints means a comfortable fit, and the seat folds neatly into a 10 x 10 inch square—perfect for a child’s backpack! So if your child wants to go to a friend’s house after school, you won’t have to fret about whether said friend’s parents have an extra booster seat. mifold is also perfect for hand luggage on planes, and of course for taxis and car rentals that never have booster seats. With so many meaningful use cases, we knew we could believe in the product and the brand.

When mifold enlisted our services again in 2019 for the launch of an all-new flagship product, we were ready with a battle-tested strategy and extra resources to support. hifold, the fit-and-fold highback booster, brings the portability of mifold to the classic highback form factor. We capitalized on the leads we’d generated through the mifold campaign, and we had a better established brand identity to leverage. Having already been familiar with the most effective ad campaigns since 2017, we saw strong, uninterrupted sales momentum while crowdfunding an additional $600 thousand.

We continue to find great partnership and value in a number of long-term relationships much like that which we enjoy with mifold. Looking to find an agency that scales with your business? Get started with Rainfactory today.

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