Win at Crowdfunding Customer Support

by Kaitlyn Witman

Rainfactory’s Community Management and Social Media team are experts in every facet of customer service. If you’re looking for some extra help during your campaign, Contact Us Today to see how we can help you.

Places that customer support needs to play a role in are:

  • Facebook (messages, notifications, visitors’ post, comments under posts)
  • Indiegogo comment section
  • Commends under YouTube videos (especially the main crowdfunding video)
  • Emails in the support@ email address

It’s very common for a brand to only respond to its own channels while leaving out the 3rd party groups / pages / videos. When you’ve maintained all the inquiries from your own channels, please respond to all inquiries and questions in the below fashion:

  • Respond to the old comments before the new ones
  • Use general answers and redirect all questions to the support email address.
    • Place the Indiegogo update section and the FAQ section at the bottom of the Indiegogo page for backers to find answers themselves first. Ask them to reach out if their problem isn’t resolved.
  • Keep track of all the unanswered questions and put them into a spreadsheet.
  • Create a “Most Commonly Asked Questions” tab  into a spreadsheet to speed up your responses.

All the inquiries should be responded to within 1 day to keep the backers happy.

Please see the images below for areas that your team needs to pay attention to:




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