Truly Wireless Earbuds: How Rainfactory Secured Market Share for Crazybaby Air Ahead of Apple’s Airpods

We racked up $100 thousand in crowdfunding pledges for Air earpods – from Shenzhen, China-based startup crazybaby – within the first 24 hours of our Indiegogo campaign. By the 58th day, 23 thousand backers had pledged a collective $2.8 million

They say that success is where opportunity meets preparation. And we were prepared when the greatest news landed for the first major competitor to Airpods. In September, Apple announced Airpods for a next-month release. In late October, they declared a shipping delay. This is when we decided it was time to launch. With AirPods missing their planned release in time for the holidays, this was the time to show consumers an exciting alternative.

Air’s design proved innovative enough to attract significant interest from many thousands of people who had been waiting for a solution just perfect for them. Our social media and online advertising team worked tirelessly to ensure they were reached, and it paid off. Air’s sleek form factor, high quality build, and beautiful color options made such an impact on our audience that we were able to offer a competitive price whilst keeping said price reflective of a high-end brand.

Despite the hype around the soon-to-arrive AirPods, Air posed unique value to consumers, and Rainfactory recognized this value as potential for a success story. And ultimately, we ensured a small startup would deliver in an area where established tech titan Apple fell short. 

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