Types of Video Content for Ads

Video ads are constantly gaining popularity and significance, studies show that people will spend approximately 100 minutes a day watching online videos in 2021. Conceptualizing an effective video creative requires a good understanding of your audience as you will need to tailor this to their preferences. Content is not the only important element, formatting files to make sure this is optimized for the platform you are going to utilize is as important. 

Below we share the different types of video content for your ads:

  • Studio Shot Videos. Professionally taken videos may be used in many platforms and this can clearly showcase your product/service. This can be utilized to create a quick concise clip perfect for those scrolling on social media.
  • Creator/Influencer Videos. The advantage of this type of production is that the creator/influencer does their own twist on your video brief and it comes out more authentic.
  • User Generated Content Videos. This is known to be one of the most effective ways to gain consumer trust as 84% of people trust online reviews
  • Explainer Videos. Now This or Cheddar are great examples of outlets that consistently utilize this format. It is quick, concise, and consumers get the relevant information they need.
  • Product-Focused Videos. This allows consumers to focus on what you’re offering. This format is popular for retargeting campaigns.
  • Unboxing Videos. The general population loves unboxing videos. A survey commissioned by Google revealed that some of the appeal of unboxing videos lies in a sense of anticipation within them, regardless of what’s being showcased. 

Tip: iSpot.tv is a great tool to utilize to check out what your competitors are showing.

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