Rainfactory Announces the World’s Most Advanced iOS14 Facebook Ad Tracking Solution for Crowdfunding

Apple’s iOS14.5 is here, and Rainfactory is prepared. Announcing the world’s only crowdfunding tracking solution for Indiegogo that’s fully compliant with Facebook’s new iOS14 policy.

The News

Apple has finally released its iOS14.5 update, and along with it is a whole new suite of Privacy Controls.

iOS14 privacy controls

According to Apple, “App Tracking Transparency requires apps to get the user’s permission before tracking their data across apps or websites owned by other companies for advertising.” in their iOS14.5 Privacy Control update. In response, Facebook has released a whole new set of enforcements on its advertising platform to optimize conversion events and reporting across the board.

How the Apple iOS 14 Release is Affecting Crowdfunding

According to Facebook’s guidance, advertisers need to send campaigns to Verified Domains. The problem with crowdfunding platforms is that many campaigners & creators don’t have access to verify the platform’s domain, such as Indiegogo or Kickstarter.

Since Facebook began enforcing its iOS 14 Policy and deactivating noncompliant campaigns on April 26, 2021, everyone across the board has started to notice a dip in performance, such as revenue tracked to their campaigns.

Other agencies have implemented catch-up efforts to adapt tracking tools from Kickstarter for Indiegogo, or have shifted their reporting methods around guesstimates and modeling, but this causes issues of overtracking, undertracking, and misattribution of revenue, per Rainfactory’s internal review of clients onboarded recently from other agencies.

Rainfactory’s Technological Advancement with a Crowdfunding Tracking Solution in Place

We have developed a future-proof revenue tracking solution based on our existing development partnership with the team at Indiegogo. Our fully integrated solution enhances tracking already provided by Indiegogo by increasing the number of purchases that it can track, and unlocking enhanced insights with real-time KPI Dashboard reporting.

We now have the only solution to more accurately attribute crowdfunding campaign purchases to Facebook campaigns. By working across devices and browsers, we’ve future-proofed our solution for changes in the online landscape. This includes upcoming Google Chrome cookie depreciation, and Safari, Android, etc. updates as well.

An Amazing Partnership & Team Effort

Robert Gavrilovic, Director of Online Advertising at Rainfactory, was integral to spearheading these efforts. “To have developed a tracking solution for iOS14 is an incredible achievement for tracking crowdfunding conversions,” he said, adding, “We have been working tirelessly with our dedicated Facebook representatives and the Indiegogo team to ensure that we deploy state-of-the-art tracking solutions on behalf of our clients. Our longstanding collaborative relationship with Indiegogo has positioned our Indiegogo clients for maximum success.”

Kaitlyn Witman, Chief Operating Officer, lead the implementation of the tracking tool. “I am so impressed by how well it’s working. We can clearly see where and how it’s capturing purchase conversions, and attributing them properly to the correct campaigns. This is something that will become increasingly important as iOS14 adoption increases.”

Why Integrated Tracking Matters

A clearer picture of revenue is more important than ever for small entrepreneurs. This solution means that we’re able to create more targeted ad campaigns, see revenue more clearly, and spend our clients’ ad dollars more wisely.

Bottom line: more sales for you, at a lower cost and higher return.

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