Top Strategies from eCommerce Experts to Bring Traffic and Revenue & 3 Tactics to Try Today

Marketing has evolved throughout the years. At present, online marketing is the most affordable and effective method to get new customers. If you’re a start-up, growing your audience is definitely something worth setting aside a budget for. Rainfactory CEO, Janielle Denier, a seasoned marketing expert, shared with us her advice on generating traffic and revenue.

Top Strategies from Experts to Bring Traffic and Revenue

  1. Always test new channels and new campaigns.
    • Experiment with targeting, assets, platforms, and ad types. Having a diverse marketing plan will be beneficial to increasing your reach. There is nothing wasted in this process as you will be able to identify which strategies best fit your company in the long run.
  2. Adopt the Crawl-Walk-Run Method.
    • You don’t have to have a massive budget to generate traffic. The key is in learning to optimize your budget. Start by testing out small budget types (about $50-$100 a day for campaign testing is recommended) and ensure you have conversion tracking set up so that you may closely monitor the activity of your campaign, find what works best and modify the efforts that are not producing your desired results.

Tactics to Try Today

  1. YouTube Advertising
    • This is a powerful platform to generate traffic. It is slightly more expensive than Facebook Advertising, but is worth the splurge as this platform has a 10x less bounce rate compared to banner ads. Each view costs about $0.01 – $0.03 USD.
  2. Facebook Targeting
    • Utilize your current email list by creating “Lookalike Audiences.” Uploading your email list to Facebook will allow you to reach new leads who have similar likes, interests, and socio-economic details with your current customers. This increases the likelihood of a purchase and based on studies it is twice as likely to have a better ROI.
  3.  Build Custom Audiences through the Google platform
    • Create audiences that have been to your competitors’ websites and have searched for specific keywords. This will result in an effective audience, as this group is specifically interested in your products. This strategy is noted to be the best in targeting, as it provides an accuracy rate of 50.4%

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