Should You Go With Kickstarter After Failing on Indiegogo?

Strictly speaking, there’s a better chance of success the second time you launch a campaign. But it’s not for the reasons you might think. We’ve had campaigners who’ve launched a failed campaign, and then turned around a successful campaign, But it usually isn’t the platform’s fault. If you want a quick comparison of the platforms, see this article: Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo: Which One Is Better? Performance by platform may vary, but the important task in front of you would be fully understanding what went well during the initial run, what opportunities may have been missed, and what pain points have been highlighted due to this failure.

What you should do immediately:

  • If you had any, ask your backers why they backed you.
  • If you had a pre launch list that didn’t purchase, ask what information they needed that was missing.
  • Figure out why your pricing and reward strategy didn’t fit your audience & your product category. (For example, don’t sell t-shirts)
  • Analyze your/their pre-launch strategy. What indicators were there that ultimately decided that the campaign was ready for the limelight (email sign up CRs, engagement metrics on all channels involved, etc.)

Then, before you launch, consider these steps:

There is a lot that goes into a successful campaign. It isn’t as simple as which platform will yield the greatest results for your product.

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