WeWALK ‘Smart Cane’ Among Time Magazine’s Best Inventions for 2019

For so many with disabilities, the 2020s mark an exciting era of progress. In addition to massive strides being made on social fronts, impressive technological advancements stand to improve the lives of millions. And at Rainfactory, we couldn’t be prouder to partner with clients who push the envelope for those who need it most.

When WeWalk came to Rainfactory, they had already run a successful crowdfunding campaign in their home country of Turkey. When the team wanted to enter the biggest consumer technology market in the US, they looked no further than Rainfactory to guide them towards success. 

Rainfactory ran a successful Indiegogo launch campaign for WeWalk that was over 131% funded. But most importantly, it attracted the attention of the early adopter community. Curiously enough, Instagram was a large driver of WeWALK’s viral growth. WeWALK was then able to direct revenue from preorders to finance much-needed production and feature development. 

Every product we champion is wholly unique, but commonality is found in their origins. Each begins with a person or people with an idea. In the case of WeWalk, Kursat Ceylan, who is blind, was inspired to co-develop WeWALK after cutting his forehead on a pole, his hands having been tied by luggage, his smartphone, and his white cane as he made his way to a hotel. With so many similar stories undoubtedly out there, we were confident we could scale Ceylan’s idea to a niche consisting of more than 250 million visually impaired people worldwide. And with Time honoring WeWALK in its annual Best Inventions list, it’s more than safe to say we made an impact. 

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