Time Magazine Honors Eight Sleep Pod for Best Inventions in 2019

TIME Magazine has named Eight Sleep Pod the ‘World’s Most Advanced Mattress.’ At Rainfactory, we knew that its features would be a smash hit with the masses: with reactive heating and cooling, this is the most advanced sleep system you can buy. We partnered with them to run a hugely successful Indiegogo campaign in 2015 that drew in more than $1.1 million—exceeding initial fundraising targets by 1104%. 

With Queen-sized systems starting at $2495, Eight Sleep Pod is a major purchase for most. For us, it’s a no-brainer investment. The Pod uses thin water channels to intelligently regulate temperature, and is fitted with an array of biometric-tracking sensors, reporting insights for up to two people via a companion app. For what one might spend each year on twice-daily lattes, having the most cutting edge-sleep technology on your side is a tempting prospect. No more rushed mornings; no more sleepless nights. 

At Rainfactory, we recognize the value in products like Eight Sleep Pod. When an entrepreneur has true vision, bent on improving lives in meaningful ways—we can tell. And while it might be difficult to persuade a potential customer to drop $2500 on a new mattress on impulse, we know there are unconsolidated communities anxiously waiting for solutions just like Eight Sleep Pod. 

With crowdfunding, entrepreneurs we believe in are connected to people for whom their solutions are most relevant. And when a campaign goes on to attract millions of dollars? That’s our confirmation that we were right to believe in the product.

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