Should You Hire A Crowdfunding Consultant For Your Campaign?

You may think hiring a crowdfunding consultant is pricey, but your return on investment for this may be far greater than what you think. Crowdfunding is a lucrative platform and having the guidance of an experienced crowdfunding consultant can help double your potential earnings and ensure a smooth sailing campaign. So exactly what will a crowdfunding consultant assist you with?

Product Positioning. It is important to settle your positioning and optimize your landing page to one that will contribute to your waitlist. Looking into the user experience of your page is key to converting passerbys into backers.

Lead Generation. To ensure that your launch will be successful, the pre-launch lead generation is key to getting consumers excited. It is important to note that it  does not end after the campaign, follow through is important to maintain your brand reputation and this can be executed through clever post-launch email marketing campaigns.

Campaign Management. This is a crucial aspect for a successful campaign. A crowdfunding consultant must be able to manage all aspects of your campaign. From public relations, to internal communications, campaign strategy, and etc. 

Customer Acquisition. Advertising may be the best way to spread the news of your company/product. To find out which avenue will be most effective, testing must be done to optimize all relevant advertising networks. This phase is all about finding the right audience and serving them the right content and funneling them into the landing page.

Connections and Partnerships. If you’re hiring a crowdfunding consultant, make sure they have dedicated points on contact within the platform you are planning to launch on. This will provide you the upperhand on new opportunities and quickly resolve potential issues.

Latest Trends. Crowdfunding platforms such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter are continuously improving their features and offerings. A crowdfunding consultant must be knowledgeable about what is coming and how to use this to your best advantage.

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