Shopify Reunite 2020 Recap: Top 10 Announcements

Shopify (Re)Unite’s keynote wrapped up this morning. In it, Shopify’s leadership team revealed new and upcoming features and provided insights about the future of commerce. As Shopify Experts, we sat down and watched the whole thing. 

Watch the full keynote presentation here:

Key Announcements

(1) Shopify Capital

Shopify Capital is released today, similar to the current offering of eCommerce lending giant Clearbanc. It provides quick and easy access to funds.

(2) Installment Payments Coming to Shopify Pay

Shop Pay Installments will work like Affirm, Klarna, & Sezzle. This is part of a growing trend with Buy Now, Pay Later services allowing customers to space their payments out over time. This is available in the US only.

(5) Shop Marketplace

Shop by Shopify is a new app for iOS & Android that plugs into your email and allows you to curate and follow your favorite Shopify brands. This looks like a direct swing at eCommerce giant Amazon.

More awesome features announced:

(6) Cross-Border Domains & Localization

Localized domains within one Shopify store will allow currency and language switching based using multiple domains for a single store. You no longer have to duplicate all of your work to create multiple stores for each locale.

(7) Product States: More Product Statuses. 

Instead of just published/unpublished, there are now Draft and Archive status.

(8) Sections Everywhere.

These are independent sections in all templates. This is super helpful for when we need to AB test certain page elements.

(9) Shopify Fulfillment Network

Coming out of beta. Also, apparently it’s staffed by robot utility carts.

(10) Performance Dashboard 

Shows you how fast (or slow) your store is over time so that you can identify issues detrimental to performance.

This is a partial list, and timelines are subject to change. Some features are rolling out now, others we won’t see until next year. Keep an eye out in your Shopify dashboard, the Shopify newsletter, and the Shopify blog for announcements as new features roll out.

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