Email Open & Click Rate Benchmarks 2020 – Key Metrics

If you missed the news, we’ve teamed up Klaviyo and became one of their master agency partners. It’s been a fun ride and has already helped us deliver a slew of new, exciting email campaigns. 

School may be out for the kids for now, but let’s take a look at the grades you would get if you launched an email campaign with Klaviyo.

The Basics

The magic email sauce includes a few key ingredients: catchy headlines, quality content, a strong call to action, and relevant links. (Want to go deeper? Check out 5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Emails.) If you’ve checked each of the ingredients off the list, it’s time to dig deeper and ask yourself: how will I know if my email campaigns are performing well?

Below is an easy chart to help you keep track of your successes, plus a quick explanation of key terms you’ll need to know.

Unique Open Rate Unique Click Rate Bounce Rate Unsubscribe Rate Spam Rate
Great 25% or more 2.5% or more Less than 0.4% Less than 0.2% Less than 0.05%
Proficient 15-25% 1.5-2.5%  0.4-0.8% 0.2-0.3% 0.05-0.08%
Room for Improvement 10-15% 1-1.5% 0.8-1.5% 0.3-0.7% 0.08-0.15%
Critical Less than 10% Less than 1% 1.5% or more 0.7% or more 0.15% or more

source: Klaviyo

Key Terms You Should Know

Unique Open Rate
This is the total number of unique recipient email opens divided by the number of emails delivered in the campaign. In other words, if a single customer opens an email five times, it counts as one unique open and five total opens. 

The subject line is the strongest determiner of whether a subscriber chooses to open your email or not. Make it short, informative, and intriguing to arouse the reader’s curiosity. If you see your Unique Open Rate falling below 15%, it’s time to look at your subject lines. Are they punchy and clear? Interesting and to the point? Free of mistakes? You only have one chance to make the first impression. Make it count!

Unique Click Rate
This little one is the total number of unique recipient email clicks, divided by the number of emails delivered in the campaign. If a single subscriber clicks on 3 different links, it will count as three clicks but just one unique click. Generally, a high unique click rate is a strong indicator of a clear, well-structured call-to-action (CTA). Is your number lower than 1.5%? Then consider making your CTA messages stand out more. Test out bolder messaging, colored CTA buttons, and better positioning higher up in the email. Make sure you’re telling your subscriber what their next step should be in a clear, simple way. You got them this far – don’t let them slip away! 

Bounce rate
This percentage indicates the number of emails that weren’t delivered due to invalid email addresses divided by the total number of emails sent. A well-tailored list of relevant and accurate email addresses is a must in any email marketing campaign. Do your math here and find out which contacts might be outdated or non-existent. 

Unsubscribe Rate
This reveals the number of people who unsubscribed from your list from the campaign sent, divided by the number of emails delivered. Keep an eye on this metric and find out which type of emails trigger the most unsubscribes, then consider optimizing your tactics to lower this number. 

Spam Rate
Finally, this figure is the total number of email recipients who report your email as spam, divided by the number of emails you delivered. Pay close attention to this one. Nobody likes spammers. This metric can also red-flag unoptimized practices such as excessive or duplicate emails, unsuitable subject lines, or putting out content your readers may find offensive.  

Contact the Email Experts for Help
We hope this rundown helps you better understand email deliverability within your Klaviyo email account. If you’re curious about how you can optimize your emails with these metrics,
contact us and we will be happy to help!

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