Rainfactory Ranked Top Recommended Kickstarter Crowdfunding Experts Since 2014

Since Kickstarter’s launch in 2009, they have bloomed to be one of the elite platforms for crowdfunding. The platform’s mission, to help creative projects come to life, is continuously spreading towards a wide variety of product categories. Crowdfunding is a very lucrative and fulfilling form of alternative financing. This gives a budding entrepreneur or company a chance to pursue their venture without shelling out a large amount to start up. 

If you are thinking of launching a crowdfunding campaign on this platform, it is wise to invest in partnering with Rainfactory’s Kickstarter Crowdfunding Experts. We have launched and managed successful crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and we are proud to be hailed as experts in this platform since 2014

Our Kickstarter campaign results speak for themselves:

  • Fluent Forever: $1,504,442 raised in 60 days and 11,914 supporters on Kickstarter. This is currently the most-funded app on Kickstarter to date.
  • Sevenhugs Smart Remote: $1.1 million raised in 45 days and 6,178 supporters on Kickstarter.
  • AstroReality Earth: $214,064 raised in 60 days and 1,003 supporters on Kickstarter.
  • Sensorwake Trio: $246,022 raised in 60 days and 8,000 supporters on Kickstarter.
  • Snap Judgment Season 6: 4,744 backers pledged $208,925 to make this happen.

Whether it be Kickstarter or Indiegogo, we are well versed in the field of crowdfunding. We are passionate about helping cash-strapped entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. If you currently have a project in mind and are curious about placing this in crowdfunding, we would love to collaborate with you! Contact us. Let’s make it rain!

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