Featured In: How to Leverage Your Small Marketing Budget to Achieve Enterprise-Level Results

Our Chief Executive Officer, Janielle Denier, shared her thoughts with Tweak Your Business on optimizing your small marketing budget to achieve enterprise-level results. We summarize this article in three key points:

  1. Clearly identify the audience you want to target and precisely target your campaigns. This will help you save tons of money as your ads are served to those who want and can afford your product/service.
  2. Adjust your Full Attribution Funnel. Don’t stop at the first click and create a solid re-targeting strategy. If your product/service is on the higher end, it may take more than a week for your lead to make that decision due to the hefty price. Your funnel is similar to following up in sales, this is key to conversion of consumers on the fence about your product.
  3. Start where you are, you can make any budget work towards your big goal it is just about scaling correctly. It was be slow movement but with the right strategies in place you will surely hit your goal. Take time to develop your strategy and optimize the budget you currently have, no need to loan a great amount of money to see significant results.

Whatever your budget is, we can make it rain. Rainfactory is an all-in-one, full-managed suite of crowdfunding services for production, creative, marketing, manufacturing, and retail to help cash-strapped entrepreneurs.

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