How to Avoid Losing Money When Marketing Your Indiegogo Campaign [WEBINAR]

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Planning to crowdfund your product on Indiegogo? Wondering how to set up an expert budget? Hosted by Backerkit, join our Co-Founder & COO of Rainfactory Kaitlyn Witman for an in-depth presentation about setting a budget for your upcoming Indiegogo campaign. Followed by a live Q&A with BackerKit and Rainfactory.

Expect to Learn:

  • Common reasons to crowdfund (More than just making money)

  • Expert tips to help you put together a smart budget

  • Common trends from successful Indiegogo campaigns

  • Strategies to Conserve Budget

  • Strategies to Access Capital


Rainfactory is a Full-Service Crowdfunding Agency that has managed the launch of over 30 million-dollar campaigns from end-to-end. Named Indiegogo’s top Agency Partner since 2014, Rainfactory have been perfecting the growth marketing process for the years since. Brands such as Atari, Philips, CLIQ, mifold, EcoFlow and more all trust Rainfactory’s battle-tested launch processes. 

Kaitlyn Witman

Kaitlyn is Co-Founder & COO of Rainfactory. A longtime marketer, Kaitlyn has personally managed at least a hundred of campaign launches over 6 years. With an MBA concentration in Finance, her mission is to help entrepreneurs get funding on their terms. 


The leading expert when it comes to crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. They’ve got the tools and resources needed to set creators up for success, run strong campaigns, and deliver a trustworthy backer experience.

Hosted by: Jason Furie / Community Manager, BackerKit

Click Here to View the Webinar Recording

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