How to Avoid Burnout

Rainfactory’s Director of Online Advertising, Robert Gavrilovic, shares his formula on how to avoid burnout and thrive at work with Tekrati. We summarize his points in this article:

  • First, find a role and company you love. If the role does not fit you and the company does not excite you, you will likely experience burn out hard and fast. However, burnout still happens.
  • Underpromise and overdeliver. Take a moment to consider the needed resources and time to complete that task before blurting out “tomorrow”, or tell the client you will need to confer with your team and provide an expected delivery date to them later.
  • As a leader, identify what really moves the needle in achieving company goals and delegate. Anything that does not make that list needs to be delegated, you can then focus your attention and energy on those high-value areas.
  • Change your perspective. Often leaders tell themselves it will be quicker if they just did it themselves. I advise initially investing extra time to build a system of effective delegation, this will later pay dividends in time savings that you can then use to focus on key business outcomes.
  • Encourage, educate, and inspire those around you to affect change. On a professional level as an example, Rainfactory has done pro-bono work for the incredible non-profit organization, Save the Children. During the COVID-19 crisis, many children were at even greater risk of food and education insecurity. We helped Save the Children develop and launch a successful crowdfunding campaign to assist with this critically needed effort. Rainfactory also launched a donation matching program to employees’ cause-based organizations of choice.

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