Easyship Collect: Flexible Crowdfunding Shipping

The Easyship team has rolled out Easyship Collect, a post-campaign survey that gives backers the premium shipping experience they deserve. A post-campaign survey that allows backers to customize their shipping preferences:

  • Upgrade to premium shipping such as expedited delivery, tracking, etc.
  • Prepay duty and taxes for convenient cross-border delivery
  • Add shipping insurance for up to $5,000 in value

Backers will get to personalize their shipping from a choice of three shipping options:

  • The fastest: expedited delivery plus tracking
  • The cheapest: your default economy rate
  • The best value: a mix of fast and cheap

Shipping is the biggest concern for backers, and this allows them to finally be in control. All upgrades are selected by the backer and handled directly by Easyship, so creators have one less worry on their hands. 

While this is a fantastic shipping customization tool, it does not replace pledge managers with add-ons and upsells, such as those offered at Backerkit, CrowdOx, or Kickbooster. Creators will want to leverage BOTH platforms to allow for maximum value to their backers. 

Crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo don’t currently offer customized order delivery options, which may cause delays or worse, a lost parcel. Those days are over now, thanks to the shipping experts at Easyship!

Read more about this game-changing shipping tool here. Ready to begin your journey towards a dramatically successful crowdfunding campaign? Let’s chat! 

Image via Easyship

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