COVID-19 Response: Kickstarter Announces 7-Day Campaign Extensions Available for Live Campaigns

As a veteran Kickstarter Expert Agency, Rainfactory is always keeping up to date with the platform’s newest offerings. Once Kickstarter announced its Seven-Day Project Deadline Extension offer, we wanted to ensure that these resources are known and widely available.

According to Kickstarter, “Sometimes you just need a breather. We’re offering a seven-day project deadline extension to creators with live campaigns.” Dated March 19, this applies to any live campaigns with a start date prior to this announcement.

Rainfactory encourages crowdfunding creators to contact Kickstarter for this offer. If you would like an extension, send a note to from the email address associated with your Kickstarter project, along with a link to your campaign.

Official Kickstarter reports indicate that there is no noticeable drop in support for live projects, and there are few categories that happen to be thriving in this time: Tabletop Games, Relief Projects, and Local Business Sales programs.

Rainfactory has also reported that backers are more forgiving to creators, so long as they are kept in the loop. Kickstarter recommends that creators acknowledge the pandemic and frequently update. COVID-19 is already disrupting the supply chain and manufacturing process for large retailers, let alone smaller independent businesses. Read this article on how best to handle project delay messaging.

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