Top Sites to Amplify Your Product Launch

A lot of startups come to us with amazing and game-changing products that we know people will love. However, more often than not, these products have yet to garner feedback from the market and are even further from discovering their community of users. With this in mind, we’ve decided to compile a list of sources your startup can (and should) be on in order to polish your product, discover a community, and amplify your product launch.

Pre-Campaign Launch (Waitlist Period)

The site helps to feature startups that have yet to launch and have a really large newsletter following. Betalist provides a direct link to your site so that users can learn more. Be sure to provide users with a way to contact you with further questions.

Launching Next
Startups can submit a short blurb about their product to be listed on the site (in chronological order). Launching Next provides a direct link to your site so that users can learn more.

Product Ninja (beta)
Another curator site for the best new hardware products. This community of makers, reviewers, and product lovers constantly provide feedback about product features. The site has also released a shop for hardware products.

Wibble Waggle
Wibble Waggle is positioned as the middleman between startups and their first core set of users. The platform lets startups create a profile highlighting their best assets, and allows the Wibble Waggle community to discover these products

After Launch

fossBytes is committed to providing the latest technology news and information about budding startups. They take submissions for products that have already launched on crowdfunding sites then proceeds to churn out detailed and engaging articles that directly link to your crowdfunding site.

GI Gadget
A platform to help integrate new products into people’s lives. The Facebook page has a large following, features a lot of humor, and prides itself on “future and cool smart technology news and gadgets”.

Product Hunt
An exclusive community for people to connect via twitter and “hunt” products. Join, sign up, and start tweeting at them to get featured. They only allow personal accounts, no corporate accounts. Product Hunt really shines through their Discussion section where supporters can pose questions that you can directly address.

This is Why I’m Broke
A site that values true wit and nerd-dom (not to mention their catchy URL). The site features a conglomeration of geeky and nerdy products for any age and interest.

The site is focused on disruptive ideas and overall trends in branding. This London-based company has garnered a huge international following and is great for products that desire the same type of international coverage.

Uncrate, with its large number of monthly readers, prides itself in being the centralized buyer’s guide for men. Contact them to list your product, but be forewarned that submissions can range from weeks to months to get published so be sure to plan ahead.

As a parting note, please know that there are a myriad of other sites to amplify your product launch. As a startup, you want to expose your product to the largest number of people to build brand awareness and put your company at the top-of-mind of the consumer. So make sure to put in the time and effort to send submissions and make connections with industry leaders. Gaining exposure takes a lot of legwork but all those emails, phone calls, and late nights will be worth it as your product goes to market in its most polished form to those eagerly awaiting it.

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