Shopify Shop Pay Installments – How it Works

Great news to e-commerce businesses on Shopify and their customers! Shopify has launched a new initiative to make shopping lighter on the pocket – Shopify Shop Pay Installments. They partnered with Affirm, an established Buy Now, Pay Later provider. This allows consumers to pay for their purchase in four equal payments without any added interest!

This initiative of Shopify is game-changing for your store. Bite-sized payments can increase sales and improve your checkout conversion, removing friction from the checkout process. There’s no need to worry about covering for the missing fees at the start, as store owners get the full purchase amount upfront. 

If you’re already on Shopify, then you are familiar with the Admin Dashboard. This new initiative is found there, meaning there is no added inconvenience as tracking your sales and fees will still be in one place.

Shopify Shop Pay Installments will currently be available for U.S. merchants only that are eligible for Shopify Pay, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that it will be deployed worldwide.

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