Rainfactory Receives Excellent Reviews on Clutch

Proper marketing campaigns are essential to business development. Companies must be able to harness the power of digital marketing strategies to maximize their potential and profits.

However, it isn’t always the easiest to come up with innovative and creative marketing growth plans, on top of all the other strategization that companies have to continually brainstorm to keep up with recent trends and business market patterns.

That’s where Rainfactory comes in. We are a marketing services firm that focuses on performance and results. We know that our clients have end goals and objectives they want to meet with every project, and we take it upon us to meet each of those needs.

It brings us great joy to see our dedicated services to our clients be recognized on Clutch. Clutch is a digital B2B platform that connects businesses with solutions providers through the use of ratings and reviews from former clients.

Recently, one of our clients, mifold, left a review on our Clutch profile outling their experience working with us. For this project, mifold, as a juvenile products company, was interested in using our help to create a marketing campaign to garner more support for their crowdfunding efforts.

With our expertise and creative processes, we were able to lead a successful marketing campaign for their crowdfunding campaign, which generated $2.7 million, a record amount for their funding ventures.

“Three qualities stand out. One quality that stands out is their experience, knowledge, and professionalism when it comes to managing crowdfunding campaigns. A second quality that stands out is their team’s excellent digital marketing skills. We work with a team that provides great insight, creativity, and managed to be a party to significant growth. The third quality is their customer service. They’re willing to listen and be partners. Their partners in our activities and give input. They don’t just tell us what we want to hear but pushback on important factors.” -VP of Marketing, mifold

In addition to Clutch, you can also find us on their sister site, The Manifest. The Manifest highlights industry leaders in different geographic regions. By being on The Manifest, we are recognized as one of the top social media marketing companies in San Francisco.

We want our clients to succeed, and marketing is one of the biggest factors that can drastically increase business growth. If you are interested in working with us, please do contact us today!

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