Top 20 Reasons to Hire a Crowdfunding Expert Before Launching on Kickstarter

As you’ll soon realize, hiring a professional crowdfunding marketing agency will cost less, save time, raise more funds, and help you focus on making your product better.

Save Money by Hiring a Crowdfunding Agency:

  • Reduced Fees – Startup fees, hourly expenses, markups, and commission overlaps are either eliminated or drastically reduced by hiring one agency instead of a few little ones.
  • Deliverables – Websites, landing pages, data targeting, reporting setup, account optimizations, copywriting, and other content will be yours to keep indefinitely after the campaign ends.
  • Efficient Setup – Take advantage of years of testing, building, optimizing, and building that has really pushed costs downwards, allowing agencies to pass these savings to you.
  • No Ripoffs – Avoid scams or short-sighted strategies influenced by monetary greed and “low cost, low touch” business models, common with short-term agencies.
  • Relationships – Vetted, reputable, third-party vendors have discounted prices and produce better quality work due to an agency’s volume of referrals.

Save Time with a Full-Service Agency that Plugs into Your Team:

  • Advertising – Graphic Designers and Facebook/Google Advertising Specialists create, manage, and optimize large campaigns before, during, and after launch.
  • Communications – Campaign Managers assist creators by addressing Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Facebook, Email, Backer and Press comments.
  • Management – Each client has a dedicated, full-time crowdfunding Product Marketing Manager plus Online Advertising Specialist, both working on daily/weekly/monthly tasks on your behalf.
  • Time Priority – Campaigners should focus on producing and delivering products instead of doing routine crowdfunding tasks.
  • Customer Service – Large, hard to reach companies like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Facebook, and Google provide dedicated, personalized service to agencies.

Raise More Money by Hiring a Crowdfunding Expert:

  • Crowdfunding Data – Increase ROI and reduce costs using years of experience in crowdfunding audience targeting, backer demographics, data, analytics, and more.
  • Reduce Risk – Kickstarter’s average is $25,000 funded, a 35% success rate compared with Rainfactory’s average of $750,000 with a 93% success rate.
  • No Double Work – Every step and element is meticulously reused to maximize its longevity for your long-term success.
  • Experience – Avoid rookie mistakes by leveraging crowdfunding tips, secrets, and advice with experts that’ve already launched numerous Kickstarter campaigns.
  • Optimization – Accurately track tricky conversions with custom conversion processes that differ greatly from traditional e-commerce campaigns.

Create Long Term Strategies by Hiring a Crowdfunding Consultant:

  • Long-Term Strategy – Increased funding and quality come at lower costs with a holistic, prioritized approach focusing on causes and effects in the bigger picture.
  • Process – Don’t guess the next plan of action. Follow an optimized, systematic strategy and process that is optimized over time for each of your campaign’s phases.
  • Trends – Leverage the different audiences and trending products based on expert knowledge of what crowdfunding platform is best for each product type.

When you hire an expert that specializes in start-to-finish crowdfunding production, marketing, and eCommerce services, you’ll save money, increase quality, raise more funds, eliminate short-sighted vendors, avoid costly mistakes and ultimately build a long-term brand.

Rainfactory has created a different approach to Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns by creating a long-term strategy with an all-in-one, full-managed suite of crowdfunding services for production, creative, marketing, manufacturing, and retail to help cash-strapped entrepreneurs.

Photo by Rita Morais

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