ONAGOfly Smart Drone Raises $2.80 Million on Indiegogo & $3 Million in Series A Funding

Our partners at Acumen Robot Intelligence are excited to join the ranks of crowdfunding legends. ONAGOfly – the palm-sized smart nano drone complete with GPS and high res video camera – has been receiving a staggering amount of attention since we launched their ultra-successful crowdfunding campaign back in December.

By the campaign’s end on January 4th, this dynamite drone was breaking records. RainFactory helped to get this campaign ranked as the fifth most successful tech campaign in Indiegogo history, raising a whopping $2.80 million in just 58 days, racking up 11,968 supporters on Indiegogo, and collecting over 12,000 followers across social media – with almost a million YouTube views, and web traffic up through the roof.

ONAGOfly has been featured in numerous publications, and has officially announced they’ve raised $3 million dollars in Series A funding. It’s an incredible honor to continue to work with ONAGOfly to help grow post-campaign pre-orders.

“Working with RainFactory has been an excellent experience,” said Sam Tsu, ONAGOfly Founder & Chief Product Manager. “Their professionalism, dedication to our campaign and products, combined with their unique experience in both crowdfunding and beyond, made this process easier than we thought possible!”

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If you’re interested in learning more about ONAGOfly or if you haven’t taken to the skies yet, check out their site at onagofly.com!

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