Need to Hire? A Great Recommendation for a Recruitment Portal

by Kaitlyn Witman

You need to hire, and we are happy to help. It is best for your business to sign up for a recruitment website portal, then you’re sure to be set up for success and growth.

Let us save some research time for you!

Best Tool From Rainfactory Experience

The most effective way to post a job description is Recruiterbox.

Bonus point: You get to manage your job postings without a developer to update the website.

Recruiterbox is Easy For Your Team to Set Up

Check out this 1-minute video on how to use it.

More Access to Better Job Candidates

The benefits are that you can post it for free to, which is a very effective way at getting more candidates.

Better Management of Job Applicants

Establish a process to have candidates go through interviews. Watch this 2-minute video to establish a process.

Easy to Place on Your Website

When you are finished with setting up Recruiterbox and inputting your job openings, you can generate some embeddable code that gets your listings up on your site in no time.

See an Example:

Check out the Rainfactory Website:

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