JIBO Campaign is a 2015 Shorty Award Finalist (Featured in AdWeek)

RainFactory’s campaign for Jibo is selected as a finalist for a Shorty Award (Best Multi-Platform Campaign), and is featured in AdWeek today! We are nominated in the same category as HBO, AT&T, MTV, Foot Locker, Dairy Queen, and Jordan Brand. The 7th Annual Shorty Awards honor the best brands and agencies on social media.

RainFactory and Jibo Inc. introduced “Jibo: The World’s First Family Robot” via crowdfunding in order to build a vibrant community of enthusiasts. These supporters are eager to contribute to the development of Jibo, and are first in line first to bring him home. Using the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform and a custom-build landing page on MyJibo.com, RainFactory launched paid search, video and social campaigns. Combined with PR efforts, Jibo amassed over 4,800 pre-orders in 60 days. This number is especially impressive given Jibo’s high $499 price point and eighteen-month delivery timeframe.

Smashing Records, Paving the Way

Jibo’s campaign raised $2.29 million, soaring past its initial goal of $100,000 within 10 hours of launch. Jibo remains in the Top 10 product launches on the Indiegogo platform to date. RainFactory pioneered this strategy for a crowdfunding project, which has since been emulated many times with great success.

A Multi-Faceted, Integrated Approach to Crowdfunding

RainFactory combined best practices for eCommerce, crowdfunding and product marketing to create a web experience that thoroughly described the product and created a deep emotional connection.

The product landing page, myjibo.com, featured distilled, simplified information meant to appeal to all possible target demographics simultaneously and convert as many visitors as possible.

While keeping the primary focus on the storytelling of our hero video, and on the uniqueness of Jibo, we were also able to leverage the urgency of the 60-day Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and achieve results that exceeded all expectations.

Driving Unprecedented Growth and Exceeding Results Expectations


Congratulations to Jibo, who charmed his way into the hearts of millions!

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