Easyship Collect: The New Shipping Tool for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding campaigns are a lot of work. Between building a product, designing a campaign, and then promoting it to potential backers, there’s a lot that goes into making one successful. One thing that can often be forgotten about is shipping logistics- something that can create surprise setbacks, fees, and higher than expected rates.

Fortunately, the go-to ecommerce fulfillment partner, Easyship, has come out with a new solution: Easyship Collect. Easyship Collect is a new shipping tool designed specifically for crowdfunding campaigns, and it’s here to make shipping logistics a breeze.

Why You Need a Reliable Shipping Solution for Crowdfunding

When you’re running a crowdfunding campaign, you need to have a reliable shipping solution in place. This is because shipping can be a major expense, and if it’s not taken into account properly, it can eat into your profits.

Furthermore, backers can be hesitant to back a campaign if they don’t know what the shipping rates will be. This is where Easyship Collect comes in – it allows you to set basic shipping options without having finalized weight and size of packages. This gives backers confidence that they won’t be surprised by unexpected shipping costs later on.

Easyship Collect makes it easy to manage your shipping logistics, so you can focus on what’s important: making your crowdfunding campaign a success!

Meet Easyship

Easyship is arguably the go-to fulfillment partner for ecommerce, and they’ve been offering shipping for crowdfunding for years.  Easyship has a logistics network with many distributed warehouses, allowing them to do the legwork of fulfillment more easily than competitors who have to secure warehouses and fulfillment lines on a per-project basis. 

This gives Easyship an edge when it comes to fulfilling crowdfunding campaigns quickly and efficiently. While they’ve been a reliable partner for crowdfunding campaigns for more than 8 years,  Easyship Collect is their latest game changer for crowdfunders.

A Shipping Tool Made Specifically for Crowdfunding?

Effectively, Easyship Collect gives backers the ability to order now, and pay for shipping later. This makes it easier for campaigners to manage their shipping logistics, and also makes it easier for backers to back a campaign. This is all possible because Easyship Collect lets you set shipping rates without having finalized weight and size of packages.

This is a significant benefit for crowdfunding project owners, since it allows them to focus on improving their product and campaign rather than dealing with shipping.

Easyship: Easier for Creators, Easier for Backers

Delaying the burden of shipping cost and management until the time of delivery is just the start of what Easyship Collect has to offer. On top of that, Easyship Collect has tons of built-in features that benefit both backers and creators.

First, backers have the option to choose between cheapest, fastest, or best value shipping. This is a first for crowdfunding campaigns and gives backers the ability to pick the shipping method that is best for them.

Additionally, backers can protect their product from loss, damage, or theft with shipping insurance to cover up to USD $10,000. This ensures that no backer will lose out on a product they’ve backed due to unforeseen circumstances.

It goes without saying that all backer benefits also benefit the creator. Additionally, the creator benefits from charging for shipping at time of fulfillment instead of waiting until after the campaign has ended – this can lead to increased profits and a more streamlined post-campaign process.

Flaüs, the World’s First Eco-Friendly Electric Flosser, is Using Easyship Collect

Flaüs, a Rainfactory client, has raised over $340 thousand on Indiegogo for the world’s first eco-friendly electric flosser. They have chosen Easyship Collect as their shipping solution, and it will make shipping to their 3,400+ backers affordable,  easy, and eco-friendly.

With Easyship Collect, Flaüs will be able to offer their backers the cheapest shipping rates possible. Additionally, they’ll be able to protect their products from loss, damage, or theft with shipping insurance.

Is Easyship Collect the best shipping solution for Kickstarter and Indiegogo?

The answer is a very likely yes. However, Rainfactory’s team of experts are the best equipped to decide on the best shipping solution for your crowdfunding campaign. Contact us today to learn more!