Ready To Make Waves With Crowdfunding By BackerKit

The BackerKit team has been working under the radar on something groundbreaking. And on June 14, 2022, they finally made an announcement of their new Crowdfunding platform.

Over the years, we at Rainfactory have been pushing innovative strategies, and adopting workarounds to ensure Kickstarter success. Yet, all the while, the tools available to creators on Kickstarter have hardly evolved.

We believe that creators deserve platforms that actively support their inventions and build tools that evolve with their changing needs. That’s why we have found success on Indiegogo, and that’s why we’re so excited about BackerKit’s decision to meet this challenge head-on. 

BackerKit set out on this journey in response to an increasing demand from creators in our community. Unlike Kickstarter, Backerkit will allow for marketing analytics and important tools for understanding who your backers are and how to find more like them. You can see here to see which creators are on board so far. 

With Crowdfunding by BackerKit, Backers can feel more confident in their decision to pledge to a campaign. With so many high profile campaigners choosing to use Backerkit’s Pledge Management system, it makes sense to extend pledge management as a feature of Backerkit Crowdfunding. 

Backerkit has handled over 4000 campaigns and funded over $90M for their creators. With the launch of Crowdfunding by BackerKit. We hope that the ideas of even more future creators have finally turned into reality. 

​Please read the full announcement to learn more. We can’t wait to give this new platform a test drive.