Announcing New Marketing Action Plan Service

Are you leaving revenue on the table? We launched a new Marketing Action Plan Service.

This service includes an audit of:

  • Your Google Analytics Account,
  • Your Facebook account,
  • Your Google Ads accounts,
  • Your Email and SMS campaigns,
  • Your Website conversions,
  • Your SEO

The deliverable is a Marketing Action Plan, including:

  • Recommendations for improving web landing pages – We’ll find where your users are falling off, and identify opportunities for optimization and growth. 
  • Market-leading email & SMS automations and list segmentation tactics to improve retention
  • Advanced tactics for improving your advertising campaigns and growing revenue
  • Insider tricks to improve your SEO and get more organic clicks
  • 1 hour of phone or Zoom consulting with your internal team to help them understand the recommendations

This service has helped 11 clients more than double their revenue in the past 3 months alone.

Ready to increase your revenue? Work with our team of experts today!